Meet the 2022 Comittee - Sheryl Gale!

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Meet the 2022 Comittee - Sheryl Gale!

Sheryl Gale has been involved with theatre for about 20 years now. She started out with The Kwinana Theatre Workshop and has acted in many productions over the years with Phoenix Theatre, Stray Cats, 9 Lives, Koorliny Arts Centre and Laughing Horse.

Sheryl has directed two shows. She loves theatre and helps out wherever she can on stage or off. Sheryl is looking forward to being a proactive committee member. Her vision for Laughing Horse is a strong future, with a growth in its members and amount of shows done in a calendar year. She will also be bringing her creativity and quick thinking into what needs to be done. Helping Laughing Horse stay a strong and a great team.

The 2022 Laughing Horse Comittee:
President: Adam Salathiel
Administrator: Renee Bickford
Committee Members: Sheryl Gale, Sam Barnett, Evan Bialas, Phil Bialas and Hayley Debono